Estate and Trust

Estate and Trust

Let Ludwig & Associates, Ltd. help you navigate the complexities of the tax code regarding estate and trust.


Income of Deceased^

(Reported under the Social Security Number or EIN Number)

*Interest and Dividends

(1099-INT & 1099-DIV)

*Savings Bonds (Interest to date of death, Interest after date of death if cashed)

*Stock Sales/Mutual Fund Sales (1099-B)

*Business Income

*Rental Income

*Annuities (1099-R)

*IRA Distributions (1099-R)

*Tax Free/Municipal Bond Interest

(Reportable, no Federal Tax will be on year-end statement)

^Income needs to be divided into

Pre-death and post-death income if first year of trust or estate.

Sale of House

*Closing Statement-Sale of House

*Other expenses of sale

*Date of Death Value of House (alternative valuation date if elected)

*Listing of expenses to maintain house after date of death

*Listing of capital improvements to house after date of death

Stock Sale

Mutual Fund Sale

Redemption of

Tax Free Bonds

Treasury Notes/Bills

*Date of Death Value (alternative valuation date if elected)

*History after death-stock splits, dividend reinvestments, etc.

*Sale settlement sheet

*Year-end settlement (1099-B)


*Attorney fees

*Accounting fees

*Executor fees

*Taxes paid

  1. Real estate taxes (if home in trust or Estate)
  1. Prior year trust or estate income taxes
  1. Trust or estate estimated tax paid, if any.

*Charitable contributions from estate or trust

*Home expenses (if home in estate or trust)

  1. Utilities
  2. Repairs
  3. Home maintenance (e.g. lawn care)

*Asset fees-brokerage account fees

*Other expenses that may be deductible